coffee shop

Treat - A cozy coffee shop where hot coffee is served

Travancore court is one place where you can have many kinds of experiences. We have a cozy cute place where hot coffee is served.  At Travancore Court there is a coffee spot, Treat.  It is a perfect place to enjoy coffee with your friends. The beautiful experience of laughing and giggling with your friends at a coffee shop is unique.  Coffee is not just a drink here; it is a way to refresh mind and body.  A sip of coffee usually has many memories attached to it;  coffee shops are the most favourite spot for rendezvous. To enjoy the real flavour of coffee, a cozy spot with an exquisite ambiance is what one needs the most. A splendid experience  it will be to talk over coffee and to establish relations with friends and families … To stimulate mind and body with coffee in a beautiful coffee spot is a refreshing experience. Visit Travancore Court’s coffee shop ‘ Treat ‘ for such an experience, where you can be at ease and can enjoy warm, tasty and rich coffee.